Common Oral Health Issues

At some point in time, everyone suffers from some common oral health issues. Unfortunately, some people may deal with these issues more than others. With this being the case, it is essential that everyone becomes familiar with what they should do to eliminate these problems altogether. Some of the more commonly known issues of concern are listed below with a brief description of what it entails.


Tooth Decay

Adults and children alike deal with tooth decay issues all of the time. It really does not matter what age, a tooth can begin to decay at any time. This is one of the primary reasons why the American Dental Association encourages everyone to visit their dentist at least once annually and more for dental check ups. Unfortunately, tooth decay can attack the teeth for a number of different reasons including the following:

– Eating sugary snacks all of the time, day or night. With this practice, people can have cavities in their back teeth and their front teeth too.

– Not Brushing or flossing properly. One of the number reason for dealing with tooth decay is the person not brushing or flossing properly. In these situations, the enamel can be eaten away when the remains of the sugar begin to eat it away.


Bad Breath

Bad breath is not a problem that anyone wants to deal with, especially since the odor of someone’s breath can be very offensive. Th primary reasons for some people dealing with these problems is due to the overall condition of their dental health. For instance, even when people brush their teeth, floss and even gargle with mouthwash, these issues will not go away easily if they have a gum disease, dry mouth, bacteria or oral cancer. Therefore, when this is the situations, brushing is only a temporary fix that rarely works for any extended period of time. This is especially true when the dental problems that people are dealing with have graduated to needing dental treatment to correct the problem of bad breath.


Gum Disease

Another common problem that people deal with is gum disease. Unfortunately, this problem affects a huge number of people in the U.S. and abroad. In fact, based on the ADA, this is one of the third common oral health problems in the U.S, and there can be very dangerous consequences when people do not deal with it appropriately. From tooth loss to infections in the body that can lead to very serious medical problems like heart disease, gum disease should not be ignored.